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Advertising & Marketing & Promotion / PR Company


Advertising & Marketing & Promotion / PR Company


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At United Neon Advertising, Inc. (United Neon) we help brands create powerful impact through media while providing the most competitive rates and incomparable excellence. Its current roster of solutions are providing signage needs, specializing in billboards and their special execution, including ambient, transit, and digital LED billboard advertisements. And now introducing integrated media solutions that connects brands to consumers in the most meaningful way. 

United Neon is the Philippine's pioneer and largest out-of-home (OOH) media company. As one of the first companies to offer OOH media, the company is now backed by experience, refined through technology, and trusted on expertise. Today, United Neon continuously makes lives meaningful by building and connecting brands to consumers - bringing the highest brand recall and valuable returns through integrated OOH and digital media solutions. 



Be part of building the nation and serving God

At United Neon, we envision ourselves to be the best-in-class media company in the Asia-Pacific Region, by positively impacting the lives of partners and the nation for the glory of God. Over the next twenty five years, United Neon aims to be best in products and innovations by developing and implementing the best value delivery processes at the best place for its professionals.

Be part of a trusted brand

United Neon has established reliability and integrity in product delivery from over 75 years. The company continues to grow as a company, keeping up with the trends in advertising and technology. It has included a variety of advertising medium into its products and services portfolio such as transit advertising, digital LED billboards, and digital services. The company continues to be the industry's #1, a status that has lasted for more than 40 years.

Be part of a company that cares

United Neon prides itself in honing the skills, experiences, and values of its diversely talented employees. A career with United Neon is tantamount to varied learnings and opportunities. Suffice it to say, the company drives the people's development which in return fuels the company's continuous and sustainable growth.


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