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Sales / Business / Trade / Retail / Merchandise Company


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�Our Company

Incorporated on February 19, 1974, Star Paper Corporation (SPC) is a Filipino-owned corporation engaged primarily in the marketing and distribution of quality goods from all over the world.

We initially focused on supplying materials to the printing industry, but we have since diversified into various types of businesses ranging from commodity trading, mass distribution, niche market distribution, retail store operations, concession or consignment operations, brand management, tele-selling, and indent representation.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a diversified company that brings together its expertise in its various businesses to contribute to the strength of our company as a whole. We aspire to be big enough to leverage our strengths, and attain economies of scale in terms of efficiency, yet we would like to retain the hunger and flexibility of an entrepreneurial operation.

Our Mission

We want to be a cost and market-effective distributor of high quality products in every corner of the country. To ensure optimum distribution of these goods throughout the Philippines, we have developed a nationwide marketing network that continues to expand with the growth of our clientele.

Our Operations

SPC operations are as varied as the businesses that we operate. We source globally value for money products, process and store inventory, extend credit, produce our own products, and market the brands we carry. We also act as agents and representatives for companies seeking representation in our market.

SPC also operates a combined warehouse-converting facility-office in Quezon City. The company employs modern equipment and machineries for its paper converting operations that include sheeting, cutting, sorting and wrapping. Sheet counting is done through sophisticated electronic counters that ensure precision. Moreover, SPC employs the latest modern technology in inventory control through bar coding.

Distribution Reach

With over 10,000 clients nationwide, SPC has developed a working telemarketing system. The system, completely backed up by an integrated on-line computer set-up, provides information on stocks, sales and credit to clients upon request. This is further complemented by teams of well-trained sales representatives who directly service our clients nationwide.

To service the Visayas and Mindanao areas, SPC counts on its chain of full service branches in the key cities of Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod and Iloilo.

Well-coordinated systems ensure product deliveries within 24 hours.

Management Style

Management practice at SPC combines the best of the East and West. In keeping with time-honored oriental business customs of hardwork and industry, our incorporators personally oversee day-to-day operations of the company. Camaraderie between management and staff is carefully cultivated.

Western concepts find expression in the constant pursuit of modernization and efficiency. Our highly computerized operations have helped make SPC the premier paper distributor in the Philippines, and has allowed us to branch into other lines of businesses with the same drive for excellence.


For our paper business, we carry a very wide variety of paper and printing supplies from both local and foreign sources. We have newsprint, book and bond paper and various paperboards as well as a wide variety of coated paper and board, specialty and technical papers like carbonless, tracing, thermal and watermarked printing paper. Printing supplies like inks, graphic arts films and chemicals, rollers, glues, tapes and rubber blankets complete the offering for printer clients.

In line with our expansion and product diversification program, the product lines have been widened to include a wide range of school and office supplies, writing instruments, kitchen gadgets, pocket knives and playing cards.

The inclusion of Parker writing instruments in our product range was an important milestone in the expansion of our products and services available to our growing clientele.

SPC was awarded the exclusive distributorship of Mongol pencils and other Newell Rubbermaid products.

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