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Don't Make These Common Resume Mistakes

Don't Make These Common Resume Mistakes

Often, resumes do not get the interest of employers and hiring officers. This is because of resume mistakes that many applicants make. Avoid these common mistakes so that you'll be able to land the job you want.

How to Create an Effective Resume

Is your resume marketable enough to land you a job? Does it contain the most important details of you? If you are still clueless on how to make your resume marketable and professional looking, well keep on reading.  

How to Create a Nursing Resume

Getting a nursing job in the country is quite hard nowadays, so better step up your game. Learn how to write a competitive resume by watching this clip. Create a comprehensive resume that will surely land you a Nursing job. Watch this clip and follow the instruction on how to create a good resume.

How to Make a Good Portfolio

Aside from presenting a comprehensive résumé that detail your backgrounds, submitting a portfolio is also a right thing to do. Portfolio is a compilation of your works i.e. projects, designs, articles, etc. It will show your competence, knowledge and ability. It serves as an insight of what you can do and how passionate you are in your craft.

What is Wrong With Your Resume?

 There can be a thousand reasons why your job hunting is unsuccessful but start with the basic. It is possible that the problem is in the first basis of the employer to assess you: your resume. So take a look at your resume and see what’s wrong with it:

Make Your Online Resume Work for You

The process of job hunting has evolved with time. The modern jobseeker doesn’t have to go from building to building just to submit resumes and other credentials. They can apply and get a job via internet through numerous job sites that exist nowadays.

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