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Job Qualifications:

  Minimum Educational Attainment: Bachelor's / College Degree
Minimum Work Experience 1 yr(s)

Job Details and other Requirements:



General Purpose

Plan, direct and co-ordinate the operations of a business, division, department or operating unit.

Plan and maintain systems and procedures for operating efficiency. Manage staff for optimum



Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities


·         determine staffing requirements

·         hire and train new staff

·         supervise direct reporting staff according to overall company policy

·         apply strategic planning to determine company, department or unit objectives

·         set employee goals and objectives

·         develop staff to maximize potential

·         monitor staff performance including performance reviews

·         delegate wok duties to staff to attain objectives

·         allocate use of available resources

·         monitor and assist staff with work progress

·         evaluate current business processes and systems

·         plan and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency

·         establish and maintain controls

·         formulate department/unit policies and practices

·         co-ordinate financial and budget activities for maximum operational efficiency

·         facilitate the preparation and analysis of reports

·         review performance data (financial, sales and activity reports) to monitor and measure

·         productivity, goal progress and activity levels

·         responsible for the achievement of department/division/unit productivity and quality goals

·         Education and Experience

·         Bachelor's degree or equivalent

·         knowledge of business and management principles and practices

·         knowledge of strategic planning

·         knowledge of human resource management principles and procedures 

·         knowledge of basic economic and accounting principles and practices

·         knowledge of office administrative procedures

·         proficient in relevant software applications


Key Competencies


·         judgment

·         decision-making

·         information management

·         resource management

·         planning and organizing

·         problem analysis and problem solving

·         delegating tasks and responsibility

·         communication skills

·         coaching

·         teamwork

·         adaptability


Interested applicants may send their resume at hr.kimenrade@gmail.com

THIS IS FOR DIRECT HIRE, not under agency

   Specialization: Others
   Job Location: Quezon CityMetro Manila
  Job Type: Full time
  Opening Date: Jan 26, 2017
  Closing Date: Feb 26, 2017
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