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Job Qualifications:

  Minimum Educational Attainment: Bachelor's / College Degree
Minimum Work Experience 5 month(s)

Job Details and other Requirements:

Job Description:

·         To ensure that all work allocated to a member of staff is carried out to the required standard and within the required time.

·         To monitor work activity during the day and ensure that all staff assigned to specific duties are performing these duties.

·         To be responsible for the procurement of all items required by the Engineering Department, ensuring that laid down budgets are adhered to.

·         To be responsible for the work being carried out on all special projects for the Hotel i.e. Building of items etc.

·         To have a particular regard to the safe operation of all plant and equipment and to ensure the safety of guests and staff at all time.

·         Follow-up on the implementation of the few building Maintenance Programme and Plant Rooms Maintenance Programme.

·         To ensure that no alteration is made to existing equipment, building, documents and systems without prior approval from the Area Operations Manager.

·         Required painting, canopy and masonry work to be carried on daily basis and to maintain the standard and cleanliness at any given time in the back of the house and public area.

·         Ensure the Hotel front and back side garden area to be maintained well.

·         Assist guest rooms' maintenance team if there is any requirement.

·         Complains to be updated on daily basis.

·         To monitor work activity during the course of the day and ensure that all staff assigned to specific duties and performing his duties.

·         Ensure targets action plans are achieved within the given time.

·         Reviews and recommends approval of all work orders and materials request coming from various end users.

·         Implements and monitors Preventive Maintenance Programs, Inventory Control and Environmental Compliance

·         Builds and fosters good relationship with utility providers

·         Ensures effective energy management

·         Creates and implements engineering budget

·         Performs monthly safety checks

·         Assists in the emergency procedures training

·         Ensures that all staff members are equipped with emergency procedures knowledge

·         Controls department costs


  • Education - 4- year college degree course; Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam); Engineering (Electrical/Electronic); Engineering (Environmental/Health/Safety) or equivalent

  • Work Experience - at least (3) years related experience in maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment; knowledge of carpentry and masonry techniques - an added advantage

  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities - preferably knows how to obtain and maintain government licenses and permits; well-versed in government regulations pertaining to operating electro-mechanical equipment and undertaking renovations; resourceful, fast learner, team-player and flexible with good leadership skills




   Specialization: Engineering / Civil / Construction - Building
   Job Location: Fort Bonifacio, Taguig CityMetro Manila
  Job Type: Full time
  Opening Date: Nov 3, 2015
  Closing Date: Dec 3, 2015
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