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Job Qualifications:

  Minimum Educational Attainment: Bachelor's / College Degree
Minimum Work Experience 1 yr(s)
  Salary: Negotiable

Job Details and other Requirements:


Basic Function:

Accountable for the collection of tax-related information, reporting to taxation authorities  in a timely manner, and advising management on the tax impact of various corporate strategies.  Accountable for creating journal entries and assembling supporting documentation, as well as for tracking the contents of accounts, creating portions of the financial statements and writing related disclosures.

  Specific Job Duties:   

  • Complete required tax reporting in a timely manner   
  • Prepare and update tax provision schedules   
  • Coordinate audits by various taxation authorities   
  • Research and correct process errors that caused incorrect tax filings   
  • Advise management on the impact of new laws on tax liabilities   
  • Maintain a master list of monthly journal entries
  • Record supporting information for all journal entries
  • Enter all journal entries into the accounting software
  • Ensure that reversing entries occur
  • Create recurring journal entry templates
  • Ensure that recurring entries are changed or terminated at appropriate trigger points
  • Maintain detailed listings of the contents of all balance sheet accounts
  • Assist auditors with journal entry examinations
  • Assist in the production of financial statements
  • Assist in writing footnotes to the financial statements
  • Assist in writing SEC disclosures and supporting tables
  • Create and monitor a system of controls, procedures, and forms for the recordation of fixed assets.
  • Record fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions in the accounting system.
  • Track the compilation of project costs into fixed asset accounts, and close out those accounts once the related projects have been completed.
  • Reconcile the balance in the fixed asset subsidiary ledger to the summary-level account in the general ledger.
  • Calculate depreciation for all fixed assets.
  • Review and update the detailed schedule of fixed assets and accumulated depreciation.
  • Calculate asset retirement obligations for those fixed assets to which AROs are applicable.
  • Conduct analyses related to fixed asset
  • Prepare audit schedules relating to fixed assets, and assist the auditors in their inquiries.
  • Track company expenditures for fixed assets in comparison to the capital budget and management authorizations.
  • Issue financial statements
  • Maintain an orderly accounting filing system
  • Maintain the chart of accounts
  • Maintain the annual budget
  • Provide clerical and administrative support to management as requested


Job Requirement: Candidates must be a Certified Public Accountant Preferably with related work experience of not less than five (5) years in the same capacity Required skills: MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word With extensive background in taxation, receivables and general accounting


For those who are interested to apply, you may send your resume to jhenfilcorp@gmail.com for further evaluation. Kindly indicate the applying position as your subject.


   Specialization: Banking / Finance / Securities
   Job Location: Quezon CityMetro Manila
  Job Type: Full time
  Opening Date: Jan 25, 2017
  Closing Date: Feb 25, 2017
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