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Job Qualifications:

  Minimum Educational Attainment: Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate
Minimum Work Experience 1 yr(s)
  Salary: Negotiable

Job Details and other Requirements:


May cook various foods for the banquet area; local and international dish or courses.

May cook for catered events

May supervise and participate in the work of preparing a large volume of meats, vegetables, and other foods

May consult with supervisor to determine best methods of preparation for individual food items

May assist in planning menus and in devising means of using left-over foods

May prepare special menus

May inspect refrigerators and the work of other cooks to prevent food waste

May supervise the cleaning for kitchen, storeroom, and refrigerators

May perform related work as required


Completion of the eighth school grade, supplemented by completion of a vocational training course in food preparation and service; and considerable experience in large-scale institutional or commercial cooking, including some supervisory experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.


Thorough knowledge of the materials, methods, and equipment used in preparing food on a large scale

Considerable knowledge of health hazards in food preparation and service, and of necessary precautionary measures

Considerable knowledge of a large variety of food recipes

Considerable knowledge of food values, menu planning, and uses for left-over food

Some knowledge of effective supervisory methods and techniques

Ability to work from written menus and standard recipes

Ability to plan, lay out, and assign work to a staff of skilled and unskilled kitchen workers in a manner conductive to full performance and high morale

Ability to take inventory and keep records of foodstuffs used

Ability to give significant assistance in planning menus, devising ways of using left-over foods, and determining quantities of foodstuffs required in preparing banquets and regular meals

Ability to work long hours while standing

   Specialization: Hotel And Restaurant / Food
   Job Location: Metro ManilaMetro Manila
  Job Type: Full time
  Opening Date: Jul 6, 2012
  Closing Date: Aug 6, 2012
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