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#42 Mahogany Road, Pilar Village Las Pinas City, Metro Manila

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Telephone No.:(632) 800-6237

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About the Company

JOCANIMA Corporation is a key innovator and provider of quality agrochemicals to top multinationals and big distributors nationwide.   The company puts emphasis on supplier relations and professional product marketing to meet customers’ needs and expectations for crop protection products with a combined value of US-$ 273.4 M in the Philippines (12.9% of the total ASEAN market valued at US-$ 2,114.2 M).


Competitive Advantage

JOCANIMA Corporation is the first local company to introduce an integrated approach to crop protection by combining both biological and synthetic crop protection products. It yearns to help yield quality crop harvests without compromising the safety of the environment and the product’s end users.


Business Segments

Ø  Agrochemicals

Ø  Organic/Biological Products

Ø  Fertilizers

Ø  Agricultural Equipment (Sprayers)

Ø  Fogging Machines

Ø  Public Health (Malaria Vector/Termite control, Wood treatment)

Ø  Animal Health


Global Partners

JOCANIMA Corporation prides itself for having strict high standards of quality. These are backed by careful research and product development which makes JOCANIMA products a cut above the rest.  Products are sourced only from the most reputable and reliable agrochemical suppliers and manufacturers around the globe:

1. U. S. A            7. India

2. Canada          8. China

3. Belgium          9. Costa Rica

4. Hongkong       10. Mexico

5. Japan               11. Colombia

6. Venezuela         12. Jordan


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