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Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Job Description

Being an Executive Secretary is not an easy job, however, it is considered as one of the highest paying job. This video will show how to be an effective Executive Secretary and will further explain the tasks and duties of a good Executive Secretary.

Copywriting Tips For Beginners. Learn Copywriting

Journalism and Mass Communication graduates who want to pursue journalism should learn how to do copy writing. This video will teach you the techniques in copy writing that will serve as your guide in pursuing a career as a Copywriter.

How To Become a Chef

Chefs are the masters of the Kitchen. They are responsible in cooking, tasting and presenting the food. Chefs also know as cooks, are highly respected and needed in restaurants, hotels and cruise here and abroad. Just by cooking great foods, Chefs are paid great amount of money and considered as one of the best profession in the world.

How To Become a Receptionist

All companies has a receptionist to courteously welcome all the visitors and guests to assist them with their needs. First impression is important in every company, and so Receptionists are expected to be polite and respectful to the clients to make a good impression. Receptionist are more in demand in Hotels and Corporate Industry.

How To Become a Medical Assistant

Aside from Nurses who serve as an "assistant to doctors", Medical Assistants lend their skills and knowledge through office works inside the Hospital. They keep documents, files, medical reports, bookkeeping and other office-related work. Learn more about the Medical Assistant profession by watching this clip.

Radiological Technicians Job Description

Radiological  Technician or Radiologist is medical profession that deals with taking x-ray and health examinations of a patient. Their work is significant because they are the one who facilitate examinations that is very important to identify the health condition of a patient. View this video and learn more about the radiologist profession and how they work in a hospital setting.

How to Become an Industrial Engineer

Learn what is Industrial Engineering and how to be an effective Industrial Engineer. Industrial Engineers are said to be "the mind" in conceptualizing and building an idea to create a system or plans. watch this clip to have an insight on how to become an effective and successful Industrial Engineer.

How to Become a Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist helps patients to recover form their muscle or bone fractures. Their main tasks is to provide exercises, methods and diet to ailing customers. learn how to become a good Physical Therapist by watching this clip, and make it as your guide.

How to Become a Model Employee

It is said that employees are the backbone of a company, for without them, no work will be done successfully. This video tells us that being a good employee will not only give you fast promotion and success but will also help your company grow even more. Watch this video to have an idea on how to be a Model Employee.

So You Want To Be An Architect - Part 1

Architect is define as an inventor, a dynamic designer and a great translator. They make from buildings in any shape and sizes and make gigantic skyscraper. Watch this video and learn the different style, techniques, and evolution of Architecture.

Critical Care Nurse: Day in The Life

Learn the life of a nurse in this video. It will show how tough it is to be a nurse and how nobel the job is. Nursing is the most in demand college course in the country, however, not all nursing students understand that "Nurse" is not just a profession, it's a lifetime responsibility. Watch this clip, and make it as your guide.

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