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Interview Tips

Interview Tips: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? GOOD

The question "Where do you see yourself five years from now" is a question which is a little complicated and hard to answer since the interviewer will test your goals in years to come. Watch the video to have an idea on the best answer suited for this question.

How To Know if the Interviewer Likes You

In every interview, you can easily figure out if the interviewer likes you through his/her movements, mood and the way he/she converse to you. Aside from observing your own self during the interview course, you can also observe his to have a possible hint on what will be the result of your job interview.

How To Dress For a Job Interview

Research shows that 55% of overall perception will be based on the way you present yourself during the interview. Thus, dressing promptly during job interview is a big plus. Aside from preparing your resume and your answers during an interview, make an effort to look nice and professional as well. This tip could help you land the job.

Tough Questions during Interview:

Let this video guide you on your job interview. The video will help you answer the question "Are you a team player?" being a team player is important at work, you have to create a good rapport with your co-workers or team mates and must have a good leadership skills. Watch the clip to find out more!

What to Ask to your Interviewer

When Interviewer ask you "Do you have any questions?" answering yes, following with good questions is highly acceptable. Asking questions will give you an impression of an applicant who is really determined and interested on the job. However, not all questions are acceptable, watch this clip to know what to ask to the interviewer.

How to Cope with Interview Nightmares

Most job seekers, especially the fresh graduates had experienced butterfly in the stomach during job interview. It is normal to feel a bit nervous and conscious but remember the fact that you are competing with thousands of college graduates who also strive hard to get a career, so confidence and motivation is definitely the name of the game.

Things you should NEVER do in an interview

This video will give you tips on what not to do and say during an interview. Most of the  times, especially when sudden nerves hit us, we forget that what we are saying our not appropriate in an interview. Watch this video to give you hints and tips that will help you get the job.

Interview Tips: Tell me Something About Yourself

This video will give you tips on how to answer "Tell me something about yourself?" during job interview.

What Not to Do During Interview

Most HR personnel start to observe you the moment you step your feet in the interview booth. In this case, your gestures are first observed rather on how you express yourself. Remember that first impression matters in an interview.

Questions to Ask to the Interviewer

After the drilling queries, the sweat dripping interrogation, the interviewer will end the conversation with one hanging question. “Do you have any questions?"

10 Most Common Questions In An Interview

Interview really takes a lot of preparation and research. If you are a veteran in job searching, maybe you already memorize the most frequent questions the interviewer often asked. Or if you’re just a neophyte in job searching, then learn the toughest questions and prepare how to answer them:

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