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Interview Tips

Get Positive Impression With Your Attire!

One of the most common offenses of applicants during job interview is how the way they present themselves. Some jobseekers do not pay attention on what they wear during interviews, which is absolutely wrong for most interviewers credit your attire.

Tips on How to Follow Up After an Interview

Tips on How to Follow Up After an Interview

So the stressing and nervous breaking interview is over and you've had finally breathe a sigh of relief.  The interviewer had said the magic word - “We'll call you again.” But, should you just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer?

Top 5 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview

Top 5 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview

Job interviews can make or break you. Here's how you ace it to impress the interviewer and get that job.

What to do When the Employer says

What to do When the Employer says

For some jobseekers, such statements are dreading, making them think, “Will they really call me back?” or “Is this the employer's subtle way of saying I did not get the job?” Hopes are up for one moment, while it may gradually sink when you do not hear from them after.

How to Convince a Manager to Hire You

Hiring managers are in a tough spot. With smaller budgets and fewer hiring opportunities, every job offer counts.

Interview Tips:Why do you want to work here? the GOOD answer

The question, "Why do you want to work in our company?" is one of the most common interview questions during interviews. Interviewers test the applicant's willingness to devote her/his skills in the company. The interviewer wants to know how dedicated you are in joining their company and your reasons why do you want to work there.

Most Common Interview Process in Call Centers, Revealed!

Most jobseekers aim to work in call center due to its great job opportunity. Who would’ve like to work in an industry that offers high salary, loads of benefits and out of town team buildings? Call center really offers a lot of tempting perks!

How To Be Successful In Any Job Interview

Of course, every job seeker wants to be successful in their job interviews! Here in this clip, you will learn the tips on how to convince the employer that you are the best among the rest of applicants! It is not only about your answers during interviews but also how you act and present yourself to the interviewers. Wanna learn more? Click the video and learn how to nail job interview successfully!

5 Types of Applicants You'll Meet in Interview Room!

Interview rooms are also a room where you will meet a lot of different types of person. Some would be very friendly to you, and some will see you as their biggest competition.

Top 10 Toughest Interview Questions

On our previous article, we unveiled the top 10 most common questions during interview to help you prepare on your interview. In this new article, we listed another edition of questions that most people find the hardest.

Interview Tips: Why should we hire you? - the GOOD answer

The question "Why should we hire you" is one of the most common questions ask during interviews. Most applicants tend to rattle in answering this question, and some just answer in plain "because my expertise and skills will be beneficial in this company". Watch this clip to help you have an idea on what kind of answer that the interviewer wants to hear from you.

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