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Company Overview Solutions for Global Business Needs Delivering superior customer services for over 10 years, IBEX Global is a business process outsourcer offering an integrated suite of services that supports an expansive array of customer facing solutions. Headquartered in Washington, DC. IBEX Global delivers onshore, near shore and offshore solutions in 5 countries, across 18 call centers employing over 7000+ customer service professionals. The recipient of several client and community awards such as the Goodwill Industries Employer of the Year, IBEX Global is one of the most forward thinking companies in the BPO industry. Capitalizing on Our Core Strengths Our singular focus is providing reliable, consistent, predictable performance. Our outstanding employees manage worldwide customer relationships on behalf of our business partners and deliver these customer experiences with a combination of passion, world class training and leading-edge technology. We stand by core organizational values that have helped us deliver our value proposition to global companies for over 10 years. At IBEX Global our mission is to build the industry’s most dynamic team of customer service and marketing associates and deliver cost-effective, high-impact customer management strategies to the world’s leading organizations. We believe that we will successfully execute our mission by capitalizing on our core strengths and adhering to key organizational initiatives: INTEGRITY Our integrity ensures our credibility. Honor your commitments and take ownership of your actions. Our words and deeds are truthful and reliable. RESPECT Treat others the way we want to be treated and create a culture of mutual appreciation, regard and value. Act towards others with dignity and help one another succeed. TRANSPARENCY Clear, candid and open communication must drive all interactions. Transparency makes our actions understood, creates reliability and fosters collaboration. We maintain and encourage straightforward dialogue with our employees, clients and stakeholders. EXCELLENCE Strive for excellence in all that we do. Take great pride in your work as each employee’s contribution is vital towards delivering exceptional customer service to our clients. Provide this extraordinary experience and reward superior performance. Why Join Us? Our Employees Drive Our Business A challenging career awaits you at IBEX Global. A market-oriented approach to work, stimulating assignments, and a high-performance culture make our work environment demanding but exceptionally fulfilling. We offer flexible work schedules and an opportunity for associates to be as independent as their ambition and personal commitments allow them to be. Compensation and professional rewards are competitive and commensurate with performance and work ethic. Our work culture is characterized by employee satisfaction initiatives because great customer interactions are only possible with motivated individuals. We leverage the diversity and tenacity of our employees to foster a competitive but team-oriented environment. Group activities, community outreach and business strategy retreats are integral parts of our culture. Helping You Attain Your Full Potential As a company, we understand the importance of investing in our employees. At IBEX Global we design our training and development programs to prepare our associates for success in sales and marketing and importantly, for a rewarding long-term career. Career paths are clearly defined and our human resource specialists work closely with all employees to ensure that each individual reaches his or her full potential. In addition to competitive salaries, standard benefits and performance-based incentives, we reward tenured and top-performing associates with education reimbursement and professional certification opportunities to advance their careers. Our rationale for managing careers is straightforward: when we assemble the top team in our industry, our superior interaction outcomes will automatically drive us towards our business mission. Building Lasting Relationships with our Employees At IBEX Global we take pride in helping our employees maximize their potential in both their personal and professional lives. We provide exciting career opportunities and mentorship throughout their entire journey at the organization with the objective of building long-lasting relationships with our employees the way we do with our clients and business partners. But don’t just count on us telling you. Listen to what our employees have to say about what it is like to work at IBEX Global. Other Information Recruitment Site 8F Hanston Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila Recruitment Hours Monday to Friday | 10AM to 7PM Philippines Site Locations Ortigas Center | Silver City


8th Floor Hanston Bldg., Emerald Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City Ortigas, Pasig, Metro Manila

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