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3rd Floor JNCV Bldg. Shaw Boulevard Pineda Pasig City, Metro Manila

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Telephone No.:5713672


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CERAGEM PHILIPPINES CO., INC. is a young, healthy and committed leading company determined to ensure a healthier living for everyone. Our approach in achieving this is the use of applied science to alternative medicine.

The Company has made its products competitive by complying to international standards and making everyone aware by successfully implementing the unique marketing strategy of offering "UNLIMITED FREE TRIALS" to our clients all over the world. CERAGEM's marketing strategy is backed by thorough research and studies made at the Ceragem Research Institute consisting of scientist from Asia, Europe and America.

Our commitment of giving the people the chance to live a better future continues, as we expand all over the Philippines in order to reach more number of clients and share the rejuvenation and healthier feeling with Ceragem Master Bed, Ceragem Compact and other Ceragem Products.

Date Posted Position Title Specialization
24 Apr 15Account ManagerBusiness / Sales
24 Apr 15Accounting StaffsBanking / Finance / Securities
24 Apr 15CashierAdministration / Management
24 Apr 15Casino StaffAdministration / Management
24 Apr 15Center Staff Engineering / Civil / Construction - Building
24 Apr 15Office StaffAdministration / Management
24 Apr 15Personal DriverOthers
24 Apr 15ReceptionistEngineering / Civil / Construction - Building
24 Apr 15Sales AgentAdministration / Management