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Increase Productivity at Work with These Tips

Increase Productivity at Work with These Tips

Being productive at work doesn’t necessarily mean one’s ability to produce a lot. Rather, it pertains to the effectiveness of the person’s productive effort. But how can one do a great job despite work-related pressures and diversions? Heed this effective tips we gathered to help you.

Your SSS Maternity Benefit

Your SSS Maternity Benefit

Learn more about the SSS maternity benefit offered to female SSS members.

What is the Rest Incentives of an Employee

What is the Rest Incentives of an Employee

After 5-6 days of work, an employee is entitled to have rest days or often called as Day Off. Work can be stressful and tiring, thus, having a break is important for all employees to take a rest and have time for themselves.

How to Get a Job : How to Plan for Life After College

Life after college is like facing the real life. You have to look for your own career now. It will be part of your goals. You will learn how to earn money and stand on your own. This is far different from the life that you used to have when you're still studying. However, you have to make adjustment in order to cope up. You should make your career plan ahead even before you finish college so that you know what path you're going to take when you have to start looking for a job. Watch this clip to have better insight.

What are the Grounds for Termination

Employers have all the rights to terminate an employee if he/she sees misconduct or failure to meet the responsibility as an employee. However, an employer has no rights what so ever to terminate you without any notice or via personal grounds.  

How to Deal With a Difficult Boss

Another tough scenarios in a workplace is when you have a tough boss. Having a tough or strict boss is really hard. However, never let fears ruin your work. Sometimes, the more your boss sees your afraid, the more he/she distract you. Watch this clip to learn how to deal with a difficult boss and how to manage working without being intimidated by him/her.

Career Conundrum: Passion versus Money

Most people will say that we should follow our passion in choosing a career, that doing what you love will not only give you happiness, but will also eventually give you financial success. 

Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment is an act of sexual discrimination. It is also defined as unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is severe or pervasive and affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment.  

How Much Is My Total Monthly SSS Contribution?

Find out the exact amount that should be credited to your SSS account each month. See if your employer is deducting the correct amount.

Simple Ways to Manage your Money

Simple Ways to Manage your Money

With these simple ways to save money, it may even inspire you to save more and hit your goals faster. Effective money management is an essential component for achieving your long-term goals like buying a house and starting a family.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) grants three types of driver’s license for Filipinos - student’s, nonprofessional, and professional driver's license.  And to be able to acquire a Non-Professional Driver's License, you must have acquired a Student Permit/Driver's License for at least one month.  

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