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I.T Consulting Firm Company


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Filmetrics Corporation, a joint venture with the Philpost and Biometrics Data Serivice Facility

FILMETRICS CORPORATION�is a Philippine-based, technology-driven enterprise that helps organizations fully utilize the potential of their data and other digital assets securely and effectively.

The company has proven capable of large-scale and rapid deployment of integrated identity management systems. Its core technical expertise is the acquisition of biometric data from iris, fingerprint and facial characteristics which it can integrate with access control tools, PVC cards, radio frequency identification (RFID), encrypted quick-response (QR) codes and mobile devices.

Amid constant cyber security threats in a highly connected world, Filmetrics does not only authenticate identity and transactions but will also ensure the reliability of data in IT systems, enabling companies to make business-smart decisions and reduce second-guessing.

From its beginnings in the IT unit of a Philippine construction industry leader, Filmetrics became an independent venture in 2009. It has since built a track record with long-term customers including the biggest Philippine pension and retirement fund, the country's postal service and private sector-managed infrastructure projects.

The multi-disciplined management team has a combined rich experience in almost every major industry with projects spanning large-scale government IT and public infrastructure, international R&D, cloud-based solutions, process automation, production line automation, manpower management, change management, etc. The team can deliver holistic and effective solutions, customize applications and assure continuous support and maintenance.

A dedicated Filmetrics training team and in-house learning facilities are available for the clients' staff towards realizing a mutual goal of successful and seamless project implementation. A specialized training curriculum for biometrics enrollment produces well-skilled and certified personnel to operate the Biometrics Capture Stations. The company takes pride in delivering complete and effective systems aimed at supporting its clients' goals.

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