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Why Work in a Call Center

Date Posted: Dec 22, 2008

Call Center or Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Companies are one of the fastest growing industry in terms of population, profits and even employees. Call Center is not only in demand here but also abroad, mainly because most businesses rely on customer service.







Global economic crisis did not affect out-sourcing industry; in fact the number of these companies increases as well as the demand in customer care.







The industry evolved as years passed by; 6 years ago call center caters merely several accounts and served for English speaking country only. Right now, call center offers travel assistance, financial notices, education, technical supports, customer care and on line business support.







The demand of call center agents increases as more businesses around the globe trust Filipino's good customer relation and communication skills. Speaking of communication, multi-lingual call center companies arises. These companies hire Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian speaking people because the industry expanded in countries which do not speak the universal language.







But how come all people nowadays aspire to work in a call center? Here’s why:







·         The Salary- BPO companies offer above minimum rate compared to other industry. If you are in a hurry to become rich then being in a call center is a good choice. You can earn as much as P13, 000 as starting salary and increase up to P20, 000 a month.








·         The Benefits- The benefits in call centers are more tempting compare to other jobs. Since the agents often worked for long hours daily, the company grants them with insurance and medical care aside from Philhealth, SSS, Pag-ibig. Sales agents also often get commission from the product or services that they sell. Other incentive like free perks and competitive bonuses are also given to the employees. They also have annual team building seminars and exercises held in different resorts outside the Metro.







·         No Degree Needed- Call centers do not require graduate of a four year course. At least 2 year college attainment is enough. This is also ideal for students who need extra income. Call Center gives opportunity to students as part time agents. The schedule will depend on the student’s schedule. A competitive salary is also offered for part time agents.







·         Night Shift- Some includes night shift as one of the disadvantages of being in a call center, but this is ideal for working students who wants to sustain their education. The working schedule for call centers started midnight because they follow international time. Safety is not a question because some BPO companies require their employees to come earlier and just stay on their sleeping area.







·         The Experience- You will be dealing with various tasks when hired in a call center, which will give you more knowledge and good skills. It wasn’t just catering service to the customer; the job itself teaches you how to handle pressure, solving problems and enhance your communication skills.







·         Career Advancement- Promotion is easy to achieve in call centers. In just a short span of time and good performance, one can be promoted as Team Leader.







·         The Environment- BPO companies has modern, high tech facilities. Each room is fully air-conditioned and the equipment is high definition, suitable for fast paced work. They also have extra rooms to energize their employees’ needs like sleeping corner and internet/gaming facilities.







The bottom line why people go gaga to work in a call center is that in this time of crisis we all have to be practical. In call center your skills are your asset, and that asset will be your key to success.








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