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Career Advice

Choosing a Career Goal

Date Posted: Dec 19, 2008

It is important that as early as possible you already set your goals. Career goal is a plan of your career that you want to achieve in the future. Setting a goal is like making an activity schedule, the only difference is that in career goal your focus is not just for a short span of time; your goal is to achieve it till the very end.







Choosing a career goal should start before you pick a course in college. Choosing a Major or Degree is the first step in setting a career goal because the course that you will be studying will be your foundation in your career path. For instance, you want to be an advertiser, you should take up Business Administration or Advertising.







Steps to achieve your career goal:







  • Make a career planer- Make a note or organizer that indicates your dreams and how you will be able to achieve them.





  • Assess your passion- Career goals should start from your passion, if you hate numbers but you want to take up Accountancy, conflict will definitely occur. It is important that your chosen career is associated with who you are. Asses your skills and knowledge, if writing is your passion then it is possible that you’ll be successful as a writer if you choose it to be your career.





  • Apply based on your expertise: The next step of learning is finding the most suitable job. Your expertise and knowledge will be your power to reach your goal. If your career goal is to be an editor, you can start by applying in a lower position as a copywriter until you achieve your dream job.





  • Setting goals via timeline: This is practiced by those who want to venture in different careers. Some want to be a teller by the age of 20, and when he/she turns 30 she should be the bank manager. Or by 40, she/want to work in a cruise ship to travel the world or stop working by 50 to open up a business.



  • Set your goal based on your observation: The society plays an important role in your career. Include the status of the economy, politics and society problem because it can affect your career path.





  • Set goals that is beneficial: The choices you make should not harm you, meaning, you will gain a lot from it.





  • Goals should be Realistic- Regret is often felt when failure occur in achieving your goals. Often times, the second reason after not exerting too much effort, are the career goal that you chose is impossible to achieve. Your goal should be realistic, something that you can make it.





Before you make your career goal it helps when you picture your self doing your dream in the future. In career setting, dreaming plays the important part and performing it is your key to achieve it.








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