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10 Most Common Questions In An Interview

Date Posted: Dec 15, 2008





Interview really takes a lot of preparation and research. If you are a veteran in job searching, maybe you already memorize the most frequent questions the interviewer often asked. Or if you’re just a neophyte in job searching, then learn the toughest questions and prepare how to answer them:





  1. Why should we hire you?


This is frequently asked by companies. In this question your answer should be convincing. Imagine that you are a salesman who’s selling herself during interview. This question often answered by telling that your expertise and knowledge is widely needed in the company.



  1. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?


You have to be careful on your answer because the interviewer will measure how long you will be committed with the company. The interviewer will also assess your goal path, your answer should be something that is possible to achieve in that certain period of time. Safe answer would be, “Still working in this company but with a higher position”.



  1. Why do you want to work in this company?


Make sure that you do research first so you have insights about the company. Say that your knowledge and capabilities are best suited in the company and that the company caters big opportunity to its employees. Do not forget to praise the company.



  1. Tell me something about yourself?


This is the most common question that interviewers often ask. Some may find it the easiest question but the tricky thing is that some interviewers give most credit in this question. Your answer should not be too long, yet make sure that you’re description about yourself is something interesting. Just say a few lines about your personality, hobby and your future goal.



  1. Why did you leave your previous work?


If you just resigned or planning to resign, give a valid reason why you decided to leave. Some employers don’t want to hear salary as a cause of leaving.



  1. What is your career goal?


Same with question # 2, this question is quite tricky because the interviewer want to know how long you will commit yourself in the company. However, thinking of a positive and quite ambitious goal is advisable.



  1. If were going to call your previous employer or your former professor, what do you think they would say about you?


If you leave in good terms with your previous employer or you have a good relationship with your professor then it would be easy. Tell something about your performance as an employee or student and how your superiors view about it. You can say your qualities, previous work that made your superiors proud. If they ask if they can contact your previous employer or professor never hesitate to say yes.



  1. What are your salary expectations?


Another tough question, do not answer big amount of money, the interviewer may find you more interesting about the money than the job. Just say a minimum wage or a bit higher.






 9.  What do you consider your weakness?



Your answer here should be honest, problem that you’re actively working on. For instance you have problems with analyzing or being on time, say it but tell how you’re conquering your weakness.



 10.  Do you have any questions?



This question is the most ignored because most applicants often answer “No”. The employers actually want to know if things are clear to you and if you’re really interested about the job so always say “yes” and ask good questions.




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