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Interview Tips

Questions to Ask to the Interviewer

Date Posted: Dec 19, 2008

After the drilling queries, the sweat dripping interrogation, the interviewer will end the conversation with one hanging question. “Do you have any questions?”





Often than not, we just smile and decline or politely say “No Sir, everything seems clear to me”, just to end the interview, wrong!





Asking questions shows that you really want to know more about the job. It will give you an impression of someone who is really interested and dedicated. It will not make you look slow when you ask questions, in fact, interviewer may find you more interesting when you dare asks. Some applicants really have questions in mind but afraid that they might be ignored or they may look dense. Remember that part of their job is to be asked and answer your thoughts.





Here are some questions that can be asked:





·         Make sure that you listen whole heartedly in the course of the interview, if you find something interesting or unclear that the interviewer says, ask about it. Like how the system goes, company rules, job description etc.



·         What are the company’s main objectives?



·         How’s the relationship of the company to its employees?



·         How do you define your ideal candidate?



·         What is the nature of the job? How was it performed with the previous employee who handles the tasks?



·         How does the company maintain its good status despite of many competent companies?



·         What’s the next process after this interview?



·         What characteristics do you consider that will be ideal in fulfilling the job?





However, there are also questions that you have to wait until you get hired to find out. Questions that show personal interest, insulting and inappropriate queries are better left unsaid. Do not also ask too much questions, depending on how the conversation goes, but if possible 3-5 questions are enough.





Here are some questions you should never ask:





·         How much will be my salary?



·         Do you pay overtime? Bonuses?



·         How long will be my vacation leave? Sick leave?



·         Do you offer more than my salary?



·         Is my job easy?



·         Are there any union groups here?





The interviewer might find your personal needs matter most, than the job. If they give you an opportunity to ask, grab it. It’s very important that as early as the interview process, you already have an idea on how the company goes before they hire you or before you accept their offer.











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