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Interview Tips

What Not to Do During Interview

Date Posted: Dec 19, 2008

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” Peter F. Drucker





Most job applicants failed to notice the gestures or the non verbal communication that they do during an interview, mainly because they focus more on what they will say or what to answer.





55% comprises the body language of the interviewee and only 7% focus on their answer. The other 38% comprises the fillers, sighs, intonations that the applicant responds. This was based from a study reported by the CollegeJournal.





Most HR personnel start to observe you the moment you step your feet in the interview booth. In this case, your gestures are first observed rather on how you express yourself. Remember that first impression matters in an interview.





What are the non verbal communications?





  • The way you dress is considered as non verbal form of expression. If you apply in a dirty duster and flip flops, the interviewer might conclude that you are lousy and disrespectful because you don’t follow work ethics. Be in a professional outfit, always dress to impress.




  • Watch your facial expressions. The raising of the eyebrows, sarcastic laugh and boastful grin are also part of non verbal communications. Try to control your feelings when you’re in an interview, if you find the questions inappropriate just smile and refuse to answer in a polite manner.




  • Place your hands properly on the arm chair. Unnecessary hand movements make an impression of inconvenience.




  • For girls, do not over apply make-up. A simple blush on and lipstick will do. A thick make-up can give an impression of a “party-girl” or too over the top. Also put some accessories to blend with your attire. Make an effort to put some perfume because the interviewer might remember you through your smell.




  • For men, never wear earrings or show some tattoo. Like the ladies, be in proper attire. Ragged looking applicant can give a boastful impression. Present yourself in a clean manner, shave your beard and fix your hair neatly.




  • Keep your posture and eye contact with the interviewer. Avoid chewing gums in an interview because it shows disrespect.  




  • Pay attention to the interviewer and not to the people surrounds you.




  • After the interview, stand up and hand shake the interviewer firmly. A strong handshake shows aggressiveness while soft hand shake shows weakness.


Why non verbal communication important?





The way you communicate is as important as non verbal expression. You can hide your true self on what you say but never on how you act. In non verbal communication, your behavioral characteristic is observed as well as the cultural environment that you belong.





Often times, the interviewer does not pay attention on what you say because they heard it a thousand times before. They focus more on how you act to asses how you carry yourself in a formal talk.





To get a job, it’s not always on how you speak yourself. Remember that action speaks louder than words.






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