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Productive Activities You Can Do When You Are Out of Work

Date Posted: Oct 23, 2008

Losing a job is one of the things most people dread to happen as it would not only take away their source of income but think that the days ahead would be unproductive and boring until they find a new job again.



However as much as one prevents it, various factors may lead to unemployment and some of them are beyond the employee’s control. If ever you find yourself unemployed, don’t despair. Look at the bright side of things and realize that there are productive things you can do while looking for a new job. 



Take Time to Study. Having a full time job makes one so busy that it is hard to find time to enroll for any short course or lesson that will be useful for one’s profession. Take advantage of the free time you have in your hands to improve your skill and widen your knowledge. This will give you an edge over other applicants and may even pave the way to have a better job and higher salary next time. Since a jobseeker would usually wait for about two to three months before getting hired again, you will have plenty of time to complete a short certification program.



Do a Part Time Job. Look for alternative ways to create a source of income even if you don’t have a job. To find a part time job, you can search the classifieds or browse job hunting sites on the internet. There are temporary and home based jobs available such as data encoding or content writing that will keep you busy and lets you earn some money too. Be cautious though to avoid being scammed.



Time for Self Improvement. Prepare for your next job by improving yourself.


With less distractions and responsibilities, this is a good time to take care of your physical appearance and your overall health. You may want to start that weight-loss or exercise program, get a nice haircut or facial.



Rest and take a vacation. Almost all employed persons experience feeling burned out once in a while and that they are in dire need of a vacation. Now that you are out of job, you may want to spend a few weeks in the province to unwind and relax. After your vacation, your mind is clearer and you feel recharged and ready to take on new challenges. 



Spend time with your family and friends. You will have more time with your loved ones so take advantage of this opportunity to bond.



Be a homebody. There are probably some things in your house that needs some attention (e.g. doorknob that has to be fixed, curtains that has to be put up, areas that needs to be painted, etc.  ) but you just can’t find the time for it when you are still employed.


To hasten your job search, here are a few tips:


Take Advantage of Your Contacts. Let your friends, business associates, colleagues, relatives etc. know that you are in need of a job. They may be able to recommend to you a particular job.


Attend job fairs. Be aware of upcoming job fairs near you area and take advantage of such event to submit resumes to potential employers.


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