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Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

Date Posted: Oct 23, 2008

Finishing a college degree is definitely an achievement but after all the years of learning in school, fresh college graduates may still find themselves at a loss on the next move to make. Getting a job is usually the first concern of someone who had just completed a college education. As a newbie in the world of job hunting, here are a few tips to ensure a smooth transition from school to workplace.



Determine what you really want to do. It will be difficult for you to go anywhere if you don’t know the direction to follow. So your career goals as well as the steps needed to achieve it should be clear from the start. Take into consideration your interests and your strengths in choosing the career path to take.



Prepare your job tools. Be ready with important documents that a job hunter must have such as resume, cover letter, or portfolio if it is applicable with your line of work. Make your resume short but complete with essential information. As you still have no extensive work experiences to flaunt, it must highlight your strengths and accomplishments. Make sure that your job tools look professional and work to your advantage.


Gather information. Now that you are focus on a particular goal, research about it and try to learn as much as you can. Be updated with the latest trend and updates of a specific company or industry you wish to get into.



Manage your connections. Let people know that you are job hunting. Old college friends who have graduated earlier or a relative may lead you to an attractive job offer so ask around and seek their help. Employers also post job opportunities in universities so inquire with the placement office of your university or submit your resume to them.



Have the right attitude. Idealism and having high expectations is discouraged to avoid disappointments. Have an open mind and expect that there will be challenges along the way. Maintain a positive attitude though and think that everything is part of the learning process. You may be disillusioned or discouraged at some point especially when you face rejection but remember that everyone goes through it. Be confident and determined amidst tough times and you will soon reach your goals.



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