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Some Reminders Before Accepting a Job Offer

Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008

In this day when unemployment rate is very high, one is very lucky to get a job offer. But since the profession/career you will pursue will play a big part in your future, it is also wise if you will allow yourself some time to think before accepting a job offer. The following are some things to examine before taking on a new job:


Scrutinize the job description. Review the responsibilities, basic tasks and requirements associated with the job that is being offered to you to get a glimpse of what you can expect from this employer.


Assess yourself. It is not wise to just plunge into something that you don’t think will work for you so allow some time to ask yourself some questions. Will you be comfortable with the work schedules or routines? This is because some job requires you to wok at night or even on weekends. Will the work set up allow you to show your skills and be challenged? You may get bored and be an underachiever if the job is too easy or monotonous.


Do you think you can meet the standards and perform the tasks required? The job may be so demanding that your work experiences and skills may not be enough and you end up feeling frustrated.


Will the job simplify or make your life more difficult. Consider the office location; it might be too far that you will spend too much on transportation fares. You may also be required to dress in business attire all the time that you will end up using all your salary to buy clothes. Consider whether your salary will mostly go to work expenses or take too much time away from you and your loved ones.


Will you be comfortable in your new company? If you are someone that dislikes formalities and prefer to be very casual, you may not be able to function well in a very conservative or formal company setting. Consider the people in the company you are applying for. Will your personality and lifestyle blend well with the people you will be working with?


Work Salary and Benefits. Take a look at the compensation package. Is it at par with what other companies offer to people that have the same experience and skills as yours? Aside from the salary, consider also the benefits. Sometimes great work benefits can be more important than salary.


Are there opportunities for growth? Opportunities for advancement must be present in long term jobs so your job performance improved in time and you feel happy and satisfied.




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