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Jobs/Profession That Will Stand The Test of Time

Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008

Change is inevitable but there are certain things that remain as it is. This statement is true and can be applied in the employment sector because as the time passes and technology becomes more advanced, some jobs that used to rely only on manpower can now be done via machine, computer, or robots. But there will always be jobs that only human beings can perform. Below are some careers that will never be obsolete and will remain in-demand through time. 


Physician/Doctor. It is human nature to seek self preservation so the need for someone to take care of one's health and cure illnesses will always be needed. The role of physicians may change in time but the profession is sure to stay.


Professor/Teacher. Education is an important aspect of society as it leads to one’s improvement and growth. Learning institutions will always be in need of teachers or instructors to educate the people.


Scientist. Scientist are important because there will always be a need to explore and discover as humans are constantly hungry for knowledge. Besides, scientists are needed to help humankind cope with the changing environment.


Policemen/Soldier. There will always be a need for stability and order so careers for armed officers to ensure peace would always be in demand.


Priest/Pastor. People need something to believe in so religions play huge influence in the lives of people. As humans search for the meaning of their existence and oftentimes find the guidance in religion, the role of religious leaders will never be extinct.


Politicians. Rules are needed to maintain order in society and people responsible in creating laws and making sure that it is implemented would always be needed. A government will not run without a leader to take charge so politicians are here to stay.



Farmer. Food is a basic need so people who grow crops and raise livestock would always have work to do.


Construction Worker. People need a place to stay as protection from the heat, wind, and cold weather so shelter is also a basic need. Because of that, there will always be job openings for people who are responsible for creating infrastructures.


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