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Make Your Online Resume Work for You

Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008

The process of job hunting has evolved with time. The modern jobseeker doesn’t have to go from building to building just to submit resumes and other credentials. They can apply and get a job via internet through numerous job sites that exist nowadays. As this is the easier and faster way of processing job application, it is convenient and beneficial both for jobseekers and employers. Modern job hunting though is not so easy that no extra effort is needed.


To fully benefit from online job sites, the jobseeker of today should stand out from thousands of other applicants. To be noticed, one must examine his electronic resume.


Traditional Resume vs Electronic Resume. Both represents you and shows your skills and work experiences; however electronic resumes are quite different from the traditional resume. While the latter is handed over to a company physically, the e-resume when submitted becomes a part of an automated applicant-tracking system. The traditional resume is usually viewed by HR personnel. The e-resumes on the other hand can be searched by employers by using some keywords that may be relevant to the job position you are applying for.


Two Types of E-resumes: E-resumes can be submitted in two ways, by filling up an online form or by sending a soft copy of your resume via email.


E-Resume Tips.

Include relevant keywords. To have an idea on what keywords to use, take at look at the job description of the position you are applying for.  Make sure to include significant keyword there in your e-resume. Place keywords at the top of the document. This is because some tracking system can only process limited number of words.


Don’t overdo it. The saying that everything that is too much is bad applies to putting keywords in a resume. Mentioning the keyword in every sentence in a resume will do more harm than good. The same keywords must only be present at most three times in a resume



Keep it simple and eye friendly.  The texts should be clear and to make it easier to open, do not include too much graphic elements or add too much formatting designs that it becomes difficult to read. Recommended font styles and size are: Verdana, Sans-serif, or, Arial in 12-point font. Avoid italics or underlining or even boldface. To emphasize information, try capitalization, and separating information by categories


Final note. Don’t discard nor take the hard copy of your resume for granted even if you will mostly be using an online resume in your job application. You should always have a presentable resume at hand because you will still present it to potential employers during the interview process and when hired.


Update your resume. It is not enough that you register to a job site and submit resume. The most recent applicant who updates a resume gets to be on the top of the list and increases his/her chances of being searched by an employer.


Send your resume to yourself. This is for the e-resume that you will send to employers. To check if it has errors or looks well when sent, why don’t you try sending it to yourself first so you can fix possible problem areas. It is recommended that e-resumes are sent in the body of the message rather as an attachment.                                          


Fill your resumes with the right words. As a certain job positions and skills related to it are the usual keyword used by employers in looking for possible employees, use more nouns in your resumes than verbs. For example, use the words nurse, not nursing, or computer programmer, instead of computer programming. It is also best if you will spell out important words and avoid abbreviations (e.g. BS for Bachelor of Science)














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