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Interview Tips

Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008

The decision whether an applicant for a job position will be hired usually comes during the interview process. So serious job hunters take time to prepare for this question and answer session where the interviewers try to get to know and asses one’s competence.


Being called for an interview is a good sign because it means you are short listed so don’t waste the opportunity to prove that you are fit for a certain position. Read on for some valuable tips and reminders to ensure that you will pass your interview with flying colors.


Prepare to gain confidence. An applicant that seems unsure of him/herself has little chance of getting the job so you need to exudes confidence. But remember that confidence stems from proper knowledge. So do some research about the company (e.g. its history, objectives, preset endeavors) and the position you are applying for. This will give you an idea of what to expect, like the questions that will be asked or certain things they require.


Be honest. Do not lie by giving answers to question you really know nothing about nor lie and exaggerate or make up accomplishments just to get the approval of interviewers. It is safe to be honest and real. Nevertheless be quick to add that you are so much willing to learn and explain why you have so much to offer the company.


Arrive on time. Punctuality is valued in the workplace so showing up late for an interview is a no-no. It creates an impression that you do not care if you get the job or not. Arrive 15-30 minutes earlier than the scheduled interview.


Make yourself presentable. Making a good impression starts from the first moment an interviewer looks at you so pay extra attention on your appearance. Don appropriate clothes that will make you look decent and professional. Avoid clothes in loud colors or outrageous designs. One fashion tip is to stick with the classics. Likewise, wearing too much make-up is not appropriate.


Show good manners. Remember basic good manners when you are about to be interviewed. Turn off your cell phone or put it in a silent mode. Save your chewing gum after the interview. Sit properly and do not stare too much. However maintain eye contact with the interviewer when you are answering questions.


Do not speak badly of others. Saying bad things about former companies or officemates revealed one’s unpleasant attitude so avoid badmouthing during interviews.


Put on a pleasant face.  No one wants a grouchy or miserable co-worker so if you want to be hired, smile and show a happy disposition.


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