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What is Wrong With Your Resume?

Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008

Are you at a loss and wondering why employers just fail to notice your competence for a job position you are applying for? Want to learn why after sending application letters and resume to a number of companies, no one seems to be interested to see and interview you?


There can be a thousand reasons why your job hunting is unsuccessful but start with the basic. It is possible that the problem is in the first basis of the employer to assess you: your resume. So take a look at your resume and see what’s wrong with it:


Check if it is reader-friendly. Inspect the writing styles and format of your resume. Make it as eye friendly as possible by sticking to recommended font styles: Arial or Times New Roman in 11 or 12 font size. Subheads and bulleted list to categorize different information will be helpful. Be consistent in using format for font styles, sizes, and lists. And do not forget to proofread…a resume filled with typographical errors convince employers that you do not deserve the job.


Check if it looks professional. In submitting a resume, you are trying to introduce yourself to a potential employer so make sure that your resume does not give a bad impression of your personality. Make it presentable by ensuring that it’s not crumpled or dirty. Use quality paper with colors in white, gray, or vanilla.


Check if it provides specific details. Be specific in presenting accomplishment in a resume and avoid making it too general because it will not set you apart from other hopeful applicants. For example, f you say that you excel in this field; specify the awards that were given to you, the year it was given, etc.


Check the arrangement of information. How you arrange information in your resume may work to your advantage if it will highlight your strengths and achievements. Seasoned workers will benefit more in a chronological format because it will emphasize their work experiences. Fresh graduates without job experience can do well with a functional format so attention will be drawn in their skills.


Check your contact information. This is so basic but nevertheless very important. No one can really contact you if your resume does not have your e-mail address and phone number.


Check if it shows your competence. Your resume should show that you have the skills needed for the job so make sure to highlight all of your achievements such as awards/ recognitions, even organizations or activities you have participated in.


Check if it looks credible. You need to emphasize your accomplishments but be careful not to overdo it that it is already exaggerating. Be honest with everything you put in your resume because the hiring manager is likely to discover if you are lying.

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