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Putting Love Into Action: Quantum X, Inc. Partners With Habitat for Humanity

Date Posted: May 25, 2015

Believing with the same idea that every Filipino family deserves to have a home, Quantum X Inc. partners with Habitat for Humanity Philippines and agreed to become its online voice through free ad placements on its websites. 
Quantum X is the developer of top job placement sites like www.WorkAbroad.ph, www.JobOpenings.ph, and www.SeamanJobsite.com. The company is also behind the resource websites for OFWs like www.OFWGuide.com, www.OFWAbroad.com and

Present on the signing of the 6-month partnership are Habitat for Humanity Philippines Head of Mass Market Development Mr. Louie Baclongan, HFHP Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Yvonne Lih, Quantum X Inc. General Manager Mr. Robert John Oh, and Director for Sales and Operations Ms. Rhea Suiza.

“This partnership with Habitat is founded for a common goal. And that is to help improve the quality of lives of Filipinos,” Mr. Oh concluded.

Aside from the ad placements, Quantum X employees also pledge for their monthly donation to Habitat and volunteered to help in rebuilding homes.


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