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How Much Is My Total Monthly SSS Contribution?

Date Posted: Feb 10, 2015

To make sure that your monthly contribution is correct according to the Social Security System's  (SSS) latest contribution table, we will teach you how. 

To make it easier, here is a sample scenario. Let's say Mr. Aquino is an employee earning P12, 500 each month. How much must his employer deduct from his monthly salary for his SSS contribution? How much is his total SSS monthly contribution?

Refer to the extreme left column (Range of Compensation) of the table above.  Then look for the salary range 12,250 - 12,749.99.  Under the Social Security > EE Column, it says that Mr. Aquino should be deducted an amount of P454.20 each month. But how much is his total monthly contribution?

Here's the answer:

P454.20 - Mr. Aquino's monthly deduction for his SSS contribution

P920.80 - Mr. Aquino's employer's additional contribution to be credited to his SSS membership

P 10.00 - EC (Employee's Compensation) to be shouldered and paid by Mr. Aquino's employer

P1,385.00 - Total monthly contribution credited to Mr. Aquino's SSS membership

Now that you learned how to use the SSS contribution table, go ahead and check your actual SSS contribution record at My.SSS Registration or inquire through text.


For more inquiries regarding your SSS membership, kindly contact or go to any SSS office near you.

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