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Top 10 In-Demand Jobs in the Philippines for 2014

Date Posted: Jan 9, 2015

They say the Philippines have one of the lowest employment rates among countries in Southeast Asia. However, the number of job vacancies in various sectors proves that there is a high demand for Filipino jobseekers. These jobseekers just need to find the right industry where they and their expertise can fit in seamlessly.


Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10 in-demand jobs in the country for 2014:


1. Computer Programmer

Unmistakably, the information technology (IT) industry is ever evolving. Hence, there is always a large volume of job vacancies in this sector. Since many businesses are opting for a “paperless” office environment, you can expect a continuous demand for job seekers as computer programmers who can create needed software and programs.


2. Call Center Agent 

More and more foreign countries are turning to the Philippines for their outsourcing needs. Just last August, the Philippines hit an all-time high in the number of employees working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector – over one million employees! That’s a lot, and that just proves why it remains in the list of top in-demand local jobs.


3. Accountant

As long as money is used in its various forms, accountants will always be in-demand. Job seekers that are accounting graduates can aim for a higher position by taking the board and earning a Certified Public Accountant license. Non-board passers, on the other hand, can still work as an accounting staff in charge of bookkeeping tasks.


4. Nurse  

This is, by far, one of the most in-demand jobs not only in the Philippines but also overseas. Many Filipino nurses are already working in the USA, UK, Singapore, and other countries. Since their departure has left a huge void in the health industry, there is a need for competent Filipino nurses to start filling job openings in their home turf.


5. IT Specialist

Modernization in most businesses has increased the need for specialized programs that cater to niche- or industry-related requirements. Moreover, the Internet is rapidly evolving and getting even more advanced. Thus, there is an ever-growing need for specialists in the IT sector.


6. Online Teacher 

The past years have seen a tremendous growth in expatriates who made the Philippines their second home. These are not as proficient in speaking English as Filipinos are. Hence, they require the services of online teachers or tutors to help them learn the English language. It’s not difficult to find a job vacancy in this sector despite it being one of the country’s most in-demand jobs.


7. Systems Analyst

The IT industry is so diverse that there are plenty of job openings in its various sectors. A computer system analyst can work together with a programmer in coming up with a computer system customized for a business’ needs. A good grasp of math is necessary if you want to succeed as a computer systems analyst.


8. Social Media Managers

If you have a knack for composing witty, fun, informative, and eye-catching social media posts, then you can be a good SMM. Tasks may include managing various social network profiles for the business, composing tweets and statuses, scheduling posts using a client like HootSuite, analyzing social media metrics to gauge success of each campaign, and interacting with followers/fans.


9. Civil Engineer

A year and a half ago, ABS-CBN reported of a potential economic growth because of proposed infrastructure projects. Such large-scale developments would create job vacancies for civil engineers. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (5-year course) is necessary, supplemented by a license as proof that you passed the board exam.


10. Web and/or Java Developers 

This is another branch of IT where job openings are rampant. Many businesses have seen the tremendous power the Internet has over people, so they want to take their businesses online. Because of this, there is an ever-growing need for web developers who can create interactive, striking, user-friendly, and income-generating websites for these businesses.



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