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The Perks of Being a Medical Representative

Date Posted: Jan 6, 2015

With the current economic situation of the Philippines, it is undeniable that any person would want to land in a good job that will give them high salary and benefits.  Surely, there are plenty of job openings available out there; however it may not be enough to give you the compensation that could help sustain your everyday living.


Perhaps a lot of job seekers are not familiar on the job of being a medical representative which is one of the popular in the pharmaceutical industry. This is for a fact that they are working hand in hand with doctors.


If you are looking for a Philippine job that offers excellent compensation, then you might consider venturing into the pharmaceutical industry and start building your career as a medical representative.  Becoming a medical representative is relatively easy. In fact, it is a Philippine job offering a high salary and numbers of benefits as far as compensation and privileges is concern. 



While it is an advantage that you are a graduate of any health-related courses; however, you can still land in this job even if you are a graduate of any four-year course.


Once you are hired, you will undergo an extensive training regarding pharmacy and biology. Here, you will learn about the nature of diseases as well as the importance of the medicine that you will sell to the doctor.


What Med Reps Do 

As it is, medical representative will be dealing with doctors and will promote the brand of medicine they are selling to them. They will explain to the doctor about their brand by informing them about its features as well as how it helps in the treatment of a certain disease. Moreover, they will also let the doctor know about the price of the medicine brand and where can patients purchase it. Special promo will also be introduced to the doctor if ever there is an existing one.



As a medical representative, you will start a salary of PHP 15,000 up to PHP 23,000 if you are lucky to be employed in some of the established pharmaceutical companies in the country such as the Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Labs, and Novartis.



There are bonuses and incentives given to those outstanding med reps who reach their target sales on a per month, quarter, or semestral basis. What’s more is there are 13th, 14th or even 15th month salary being offered based on the sales performance of the company in general.


Health care program is also among the benefits you may get when you are working as a med rep. Of course, the best one here is the commission scheme wherein you have the chance to earn double digits.


Moreover, other companies provide a cellphone, iPad, or a car plan. You will also have a chance to travel when you hit your sales target and when your company is doing excellent in their sales.


These are just some of the things you will enjoy as a medical representative. So, start building a career now in the pharmaceutical industry, and be a medical representative.


Job openings for Medical Representative.


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