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Job Description and Duties of a Cashier

Date Posted: Nov 10, 2014

 The duties and responsibilities of a cashier is not just limited to collecting the money, they may vary depending on the type of employment.

Nature of Work: A cashier is someone who handles cash. As a cashier, you'll probably use a cash register to ring people up, take their money and give them their change and receipt. Cashiers are employed in almost all stores and financial institutions where purchase of goods is involved whether it's a retail store, a movie hall, a bank, or a supermarket.

Basic Tasks and Duties:

As a cashier, your tasks and duties would include: 

         Managing all the cash transactions in the workplace

         Maintaining daily account of the daily transactions

         Balancing the daily account at the end of each day

         Checking the daily cash balance

         Interacting with the customers that come to the counter

         Solving the customer's  cash-related queries

         Checking for the price of products and any discounts or offers

         Receiving coupons and deducting the said amount from the customers

         Organizing all the work they do and maintaining the accounting records

         Reporting discrepancies they find within the accounts to their superiors

         Making daily, weekly and monthly transaction reports


Education and Training Requirements:

         A high school diploma is mandatory

         A degree in accounting though not compulsory, is helpful

         Knowledge of the banking policies and procedures

         Strong proficiency in mathematics and statistics

         Ability to organize data and draft reports on daily, weekly, and monthly basis

         Strong communication skills that help to develop courteous conversation with the customers

         Proficient in managing the rush of customers and helping each one of them promptly


Required Skills:

Here are the skills every cashier must have to excel:

         Good with numbers and maintaining records of the transactions that happen throughout the day Posses an excellent memory to do all the important tasks

   A good listener and speaker. Can have a polite conversation with all the customer that come up to the cash counter

    Ability to handle large cash transaction without any glitches

   Can work well with other employees of the company and can help colleagues in need

   Willingness to take up more responsibilities other than the cashier's job

   Willingness to learn many new things about the profession and the company

    (These are general traits, not just for cahier applicants)

   Can balance and submit the cash record details as and when required by the superiors


Career Advancement: 

Prospects for advancement include promotion to a full-time position for those working part-time, head cashier or cash office clerk, or another position with more responsibility. Cashiers can work in the following industries: manufacturing; electricity, gas and water supply; wholesale and retail trade; hotel and restaurants; transport, storage and communication; financial inter-mediation; real estate, renting and business activities; public administration and defense, compulsory social security; education; health and social work; other community, social and personal service activities; and in private households.

Salary Information:  At entry level, a cashier takes home a base pay of P7,000 to P11,800 per month and may even go up to P15,000 for those highly-trained and experienced. 


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