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Common Lifestyle of Most Call Center Agents

Date Posted: Oct 12, 2014

Call center employees earn much than that of the average Filipino employee.  This is why their lifestyle changed, with relation to their consumption and purchasing habits.

Dress code.  Instead of wearing the casual clothes or the uniform the company had provided, most call center agents would splurge on their clothes following the latest trend in fashion.  This, as they say, boost their confidence level when talking to their clients.  And also because their co-employees dress well, they need to cope up for them not to be left behind.
Eating habits.  Have you noticed that most of these BPO companies are located in highly commercialized part of the cities? Where most fast food, convenience store and coffee shops are available?  Most agents consume fast food meals or processed and pre-packed meals to satisfy their hunger because it is widely available and cheap.  Others rely on biscuits, chips and sodas on their breaks.  Unhealthy yet convenient for them.  But during paydays, they would head on to expensive establishments to dine and have their coffee or alcohol.
Purchasing manner.  With their high salary bracket and incentives, call center employees now turns to aim for the latest in gadgets, apply for credit cards, post paid phone service, fastest broadband connections, and designer coffees.  This attitude is one of the most common among the call center agents.  They could now enjoy the things they've always wanted but could not afford when they're not in a BPO company yet.
Ways to relax and have fun.  Staying home, watching some old movies or catching up with their favorite telenovelas, playing with nieces and nephews, or cooking for the family is the mode of relaxation and fun for an ordinary employee.  But not for most call center employees.  They spend the end of their shift at favorite hang spots to have drinking spree or sing their heart out in karaoke bars.  Some would go on a movie marathon on exclusive cinemas. And there are those who go on a weekly out of town trips for more adventure.  
Whether an agent would go with these lifestyle flows in the BPO industry or not, it is their personal choice.  
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