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Are You The Ideal BPO Employee?

Date Posted: Oct 9, 2014

If you are aiming to be part of any BPO company, then you should meet not only what their requirements are, but also qualities that they are secretly looking for.  So that after the training period, you are sure you'll be hired permanently.

Good Customer Service Skills. Whether you are aspiring to be in an inbound or outbound type of BPO company, this is a very important skill that you should have because that is what a BPO company is known for – its customer service skill.
Good Communication Skills. This is also an important skill, especially since most BPO company has at least 100 employees.  And if you can't communicate well, surely you are going to get lost in a herd of employees trying to contend for recognition.  One must have the habit of listening attentively with understanding and not just all talk.  You should make sense by understanding and asking questions for better comprehension rather than making side comments that are non-sense and irritating for others.
Calm and Collected.  Though the work environment of a BPO company may seem like a relaxed job, its true nature is stressful in every sense of it, especially when you come across a difficult or aggravate customer.  So staying calm and sounding like you have everything under your control (although in reality chaos is starting to cloud your mind and you are panicking) is one quality a person should have when working in a call center.  Even though your customer is someone who is hard to please, what matters most is you must be able to deliver what is needed to convey.
High Comprehension.  Most call center companies provide their agents with spiels or scripts that they could follow.  But you should not rely on this alone, because often there are instances where the customers follow up question is not on the script.  Working in a call center means you are representing the company and the products or services they have.  So it is necessary that you have the knowledge and comprehension about your job so you can understand any concern thrown at you for answers or clarification by the customer.  You should sound credible and an expert in the subject matter so your customer won't doubt anything you'll say.
Ability to Multitask.   You should be flexible.  You should be able to handle different tasks at once so you can be efficient and reliable.  If you can do your task anywhere you'll be assigned, this will put you in a good place in the eyes of your bosses when you are able to do various jobs exceptionally and satisfactorily.
Having even one or two of these qualities gives you the image of a responsible and trustworthy employee that managers can depend on for the company's continuing success.  Call center jobs may not be for everyone, but if you choose to be one, you should be truly good at the job.
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