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Tips on How to Follow Up After an Interview

Date Posted: Jun 20, 2014

So the stressing and nervous breaking interview is over and you've had finally breathe a sigh of relief. The interviewer had said the magic word - “We'll call you again.” But, should you just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer?


Waiting for a call back is the hardest part. It could make you worried and less confident of making it through the job. Your job interview may be over, but the chance of making an impression and landing the job you want is not.


Here's some tips for you to do after the interview:

  • SHOW INTEREST. You can say in a polite manner that you would like to contribute to the company and is hoping to be selected. You can also ask questions like what will the selected applicants next step be or if they had a particular date of hoping to fill the position. With this, you can have a time frame in your mind on how long to wait for the call back.
  • ASSESS HOW WAS THE INTERVIEW. You can list down a summary of the questions on your interview and what were your answers. This will be a record of your responses for future reference for any follow-up interviews. Write down also things that you wish you had said but didn't get the chance to.
  • DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. If during the course of the interview, the interviewer had agreed with you on some things or have smiled on your response to a question, don't jump into conclusions of being hired. If you were requested to submit references, don't make assumptions. This doesn't necessarily mean that the job will be yours.
  • NOTIFY YOUR REFERENCES. Ask first for permission from someone that you will make him/her your reference. And once they've agreed, alert them when will they might receive a call.
  • YOU CAN FOLLOW UP. May it be through phone or email, it is not wrong to follow up the status of your application after an interview. This will remind or show them how interested you are in the job and you have the strong will to join their company. But not after they've strongly told you not to follow up.
  • BE KEEN ON FOLLOW-UP CALL. If you are told to follow up by phone or email after a few days, do it as they say. Don't call them the next day or it may be interpreted as annoying. You want to appear interested without crossing the line and coming across as a pest. And instead of having the job, you might end up being ignored.
  • KNOW WHEN TO MOVE ON. If after some few follow-up calls you haven't heard from the company, then it's the point where you have to move forward no matter how badly you want the job. You should accept rejection with grace.
  • CONTINUE YOUR JOB SEARCH. You should never give up even if you've been rejected for many times. This is part of the journey of finding the right job. Others might close their doors of giving opportunity and chance for you, but still there will be others who will be opening theirs for you.
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