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Top 5 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview

Date Posted: Apr 3, 2014
Finding a job is difficult nowadays, but it is much difficult if you have found a job, asked by the company to appear for an interview and once you are there trying to impress the interviewer you become tongue-tied. Tongue-tied. Yes, tongue-tied. You can't come up with great answers to typical job interview questions.
Let this not happen anymore. Arm yourself up with the best knowledge about the company, yourself, your goals and what you can offer to the industry you are aiming to be a part of.
1. Always do your research. In the era of Internet, information is not that hard to obtain. In just a few clicks of buttons on your keyboard, you will know a lot of details about the organization you aim to be a part of. Online search is powerful, as companies, especially the big ones make sure that they have online presence by creating corporate websites and social media accounts.
2. Always prep up for the typical interview questions. Inasmuch as they may sound cliche, the typical interview question is the make-or-break segment of the interview. You know this. This part of the interview lets the HR staff to assess how you see yourself as a person and as someone who want to be a part of a team. So, gear up with ready answers. Practice it prior to the interview. Some of the usual job interview questions are:
• Tell me something about yourself, your goals, passions, future plans.
• Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
• What do you thin do you have that you can impart to this organization?
• Why should we hire you?
• Are there things that can hinder you to do work smoothly? 
• How do you manage stress and pressure?
• How much compensation do you expect once hired?
3.  Dress to impress. Some companies require applicants to show up at the interview schedule in corporate, semi-formal or casual attire. However, the nature/industry of the organization you belong may give you a hint on what and what not to wear.  Avoid wearing too much accessories, a sleek appearance connotes a professional image.
4. Make it a two-way interview. Take advantage of the job interview. If the HR staff interviewing you is almost done with asking you questions, it's now time to turn the tables. Ask the HR staff questions that pertains to the company; the office culture, work environment, career advancement and the goals to be attained in your desired position. Unless you are already hired, do not ask about salary, benefits perks, change of work shifts.
5. Exude a professional yet engaging persona. Throughout the job interview, make sure to show a positive vibe. Do not give the interviewer an impression that you may just be a slacker once hired. Always be pro-active in answering the questions and never let dead air surround the room.
That's it folks, we hope this gave you or make you recall the few basic stuff you need prior and during your job interview.


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