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What to do When the Employer says

Date Posted: Apr 2, 2014

 “Thank you for showing interest in our company. We will call you back after we review your qualifications.”

For some jobseekers, such statements are dreading, making them think, “Will they really call me back?” or “Is this the employer's subtle way of saying I did not get the job?” Hopes are up for one moment, while it may gradually sink when you do not hear from them after.

While waiting for that precious call back, a jobseeker must execute a follow-up plan. What does that mean? Read on and see what you can do.

Call them back.

This is not always the procedure, but because you have not heard from them and you want to know about the status of your application, you take the initiative to give them a ring. Usually, a week or two after your job interview and examination is the most reasonable span of time for you to follow-up about your application. Don't sound frustrated over the phone when you talk about why it is taking too long for them to call you back. Be courteous and calm while talking to the company's Human Resource representative over the phone.

Follow-up at least two to three more times.

Waiting may test your patience, but you must understand that a company runs their own errands and the hiring manager may be assigned to do other tasks aside from just reviewing applicant profiles. Inquire about your application's status two or three more times within the month. If you don't receive any response from your calls, try leaving an e-mail to the HR representative who interviewed you. Exhaust all your resources to be able to reach out to them. Don't overdo this, though, as you may be perceived as a pest of the company.

It is been almost a month but there's no answer.

You took the initiative to call and inquire, followed-up through calls and sent e-mails asking about your application status, but still no response for a final interview or job offer. Read between the lines; this is a 'no, we won't hire you' in their part. Rejection and disappointment are downers for one's spirit, but you have to live and let go. Move on and seek other opportunities ahead of you. You can't just give up because a single company rejected you.

 See this experience as a reason to learn something about the corporate world and about yourself. From here you would at least have set some expectations and occurrences that may happen along the way while you look for a job. Don't sulk and cry over the rejection. Prep up your CVs again, regain your confidence and hunt for that job that you are dreaming of.

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