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DOLE Updates List of Most In-Demand Jobs, Top Employment Generators

Date Posted: Nov 25, 2013

 According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), one of the major problems of the Philippine labor market is the job-skills mismatch, which means that there may be available job openings, but few workers have the skills and qualifications for it. To further address the problem of job skills mismatch, the DOLE with its tripartite partners, revised their Project JobsFit: DOLE 2020 Vision. The updated version is a result of a review done during a National Integration Workshop held in the first quarter of 2013.

Labor Secretary, Baldoz said, “Project JobsFit was essentially reviewed; and we have found practical merit and significance to update the information contained in the document report. This, acknowledging the fact that there had already been major changes on the current trends in the labor market since the study was conducted.”

In 2009, the Labor Department launched the Project JobsFit: DOLE 2020 Vision, as part of its commitment to come up and implement innovative strategies to address the jobs mismatch and solve the issue unemployment and underemployment in the Philippines.

In the press release published in the DOLE's official, website, the intial review identified 13 Key Employment Generators (KEGs) in the Philippines:

  1. Agribusiness

  2. Construction

  3. Information Technology/Business Process Management

  4. Health and Wellness

  5. Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism

  6. Wholesale and Retail Trade

  7. Banking and Finance

  8. Mining

  9. Transport and Logistics

  10. Manufacturing Ownership

  11. Dwellings and Real Estate

  12. Education

  13. Power and Utilities


The government agency also identified 237 in-demand occupations. From this list, there are occupations are identified as cross-cutting occupations, which means it appears in more than one industry: Accountant, Appraiser, Cashier, Checker, Checker, Driver, Machine Operator, Mechanical Technician, Security Guard, Teller, Welder

There are also 138 hard-to-fill occupations, and from this list 8 occupations are seen to recur across all of the KEGS:
Chemist, CNC Machinist, Computer Programmer, Geologist, Heavy Equipment Operator, Medical Technologist, Pharmacist, and Surveyor.


Baldoz said, “From among these industries, we focus our efforts in trying to make jobseekers find a successful job match. We will now need to systematically build the environment necessary to cultivate workers’ skills and employability in approaching these in-demand and hard-to fill jobs to ensure the growth of our main employment generators now and in the future.”

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