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Philippine Airlines is Now Hiring Workers

Date Posted: Sep 11, 2012

One of the leading airline companies in the Philippines, Philippine Airlines (PAL) is set to hire new workers as they venture in massive modernization program. The company is set to double the number of flight attendants and other employees as they will acquire additional airplanes and flights.

“We will hire new workers,” said PAL president and chief operating officer (COO) Ramon Ang. He also added that they will double the number of flight attendants and pilots. The new workers will add to the 4,800 current PAL employees comprised of 460 pilots, 1,600 flight attendants and over 2,700 ground staff.

As PAL rallies their modernization project, expect more changes in the system and services of the airline. It was also reported that PAL will acquire 100 new aircrafts and add flights to Canada in November.

Ang has assured that PAL will no longer cut employees. In previous years, PAL cut more than 2,000 workers most of whom are members of the Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association (Palea) before San Miguel Corporation (SMC) bought into the company as part of the airline’s rationalization of its workforce and outsourcing scheme.





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