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7 Things to Avoid During Job Fairs

Date Posted: May 24, 2011

There are jobseekers who are taking job fairs less seriously by presenting themselves in an awkward way; that might lead to another job rejection. Note that human resource personnel are very keen that every detail of your presentation is being checked.


If you want to get hired, bear in your mind that you are not the sole applicant. There are thousands out there who are eyeing the same position as you are, so always be competitive. Here are 7 things that you must avoid during job fairs.


  1. Wearing sando, sandals and t-shirt with explicit images- This is one of the major offenses that jobseekers do. HRs are very particular on how you carry yourself which includes the way you dress. Wear semi-formal attire. You can also wear casual attire but be sure that it is not too revealing or too simple. Always leave with a good impression.


  1. Coming Late- Always be on time so you can maximize your time to go and check job vacancies from other companies.


  1. Bringing few and out-dated resumes- It’s a job fair so it is very necessary to bring couples of resumes to give to the companies there. Another thing, make sure you bring your latest copy. You may also bring other documents like portfolio if you’re applying for visual arts position or any copy of your work to support your application.


  1. Calling HRs Kuya or Ate- Some jobseekers are calling HR like “Ate”, “Boss” or “Kuya” which is disrespectful. Always address them with respect like “Ma’am” or “Sir” as it shows formality. Remember that they are the one who’s holding your chance of getting hired, show them respect.


  1. Being smelly- Do not go to a job fair with a sloppy look and with a smelly body. Always check your hygiene. Since you will speak to a lot of employers, always bring mint with you to keep your breath fresh. Do not leave your house without putting some perfume and deodorant.


  1. Being unprepared: You don’t have a pen, you forgot your ID, you don’t have enough resumes or you forgot the name of the company, ending? You will fail.


  1. Bringing your Parent- Prove to the employers that you’re matured enough and independent enough to face your career. Some jobseekers always bring their mothers during job fairs which is a big NO-NO. Job fair is not a family event.



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