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Employment News

Date Posted: Mar 18, 2011

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced new salary rates for the “pakyawan” workers of Northern Mindanao after Regional Tripartite Wage Board (RTWB) in Region 10 finally approved the wage increase.


“Pakyaw” is the term used to the rate of workers who performs specific work regardless of the time consumed in performance of their tasks.


Labor secretary Erlinda Dimapilis- Baldoz said "The Regional Board in Northern Mindanao conducted a thorough review and consulted social partners on the pertinent "pakyaw" activities and wage rates of workers involved in various stages and cycle in the production of sugar.”


Based on the new supplemental wage order, the "pakyaw" rate in roamplow,  or plowing activities such as turning up the soil, casting out the roots, loosening the soil, aerating the soil, and burying the stubble and weeds to expose the sub-soil, will be P379/hectare (ha.); plowing with animal owned by the planter, P252/day; with animal owned by the worker excluding premium rate of animal on normal soil, P1,648/ha.; on coarse and hilly soil, P2,965/haHarrowing (Karas) labor component, P120/ha.; planting basal including peeling, P740/lacsa (equivalent to 10,000 cane points); hauling cane points, loading only, P100/lacsa; both loading and unloading, P163/lacsa; cutting cane points, "sincillo", P493/lacsa;  "gupod," P410/lacsa.


Peeling, P165/lacsa; cutting cane points with peeling, P825/lacsa; fertilizing, "tagad or the applying fertilizer using an instrument also called "tagad", P70/bag; "bubod or the applying fertilizer by spreading it on the soil," P53/bag; weeding, high density, P2,000/ha.; medium density, P1,533/ha.; low density, P1,100/ha.


Hilling-up 1-meter distance between rows, P463/pass/ha.; harvesting, cutting and loading zero trash, P163/ton; peeling and replanting, P825/lacsa; and trash scattering, burning and cutting stump, P694/ha.


Baldoz said that upon the supplemental wage order's effectivity on 17 February 2011, all workers in the sugar plantation in Region X will receive the minimum wage rates set in the new Supplemental Wage Order No. RX-15-A.


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