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5000 Job Openings at Accenture

Date Posted: Nov 18, 2010

Accenture, one of world’s leading outsourcing firm in the world announced hiring of 5,000 agents starting today until August 2011 as they open three new facilities in Manila and Cebu.


According to Accenture chairman and chief executive officer William Green, the total number of employees of Accenture will be 25,000 by August 2011.


"The breadth of services that are supported out of the Philippines not only allow us to meet the needs of our clients but also to provide varied career opportunities for Filipino professionals to showcase to the world their tremendous skills," Green said.

Country manager Lito Tayag said that Accenture is promoting “Skills-to-Success-Program” which will help its present and new workers to be equipped with business oriented skills while working at the outsourcing firm.


The new program aims to intensify the skills of Filipino agents and to cope with the growing demand of manpower in call center in the Philippines.

Accenture now has 14 call center facilities in the Philippines. Two facilities just recently opened in Taguig City and Cebu City.

Together with India and China, the Philippines leads the world in the BPO industry.

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