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Japan and China to Put Up BPO Firms in the Philippines

Date Posted: Oct 30, 2010

Japan and China are set to join the roster of internationally-owned business outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Department of Trade and Industry undersecretary Cristino Panlilio is happy to announce that Japanese and Chinese companies are preparing to establish outsourcing operations in the Philippines where they have the opportunity to polish their English and take advantage of the advancement of commercial banking services at lower cost.

Panlilio said two Japanese companies with the multi-products are ready to relocate in the country. Japanese sees Philippines as good place to invest in outsourcing which made them decide to put up call center companies.

“The Japanese are interested in establishing call centers here,” he said.

According to Panlilio, the Japanese strategy is to put up a call center operation here with an initial staff of 50 representatives to handle their Japanese clients.

During their operation here, Japanese firms are planning to train the locals to handle some of their clients by learning Nihongo and for them to learn English at the same time.

“It’s hitting three chicks in one stone,” said Panlilio, who is also managing head of the Board of Investments (BoI).

Panlilio also said that BoI is organizing a delegation of local BPO firms and the investment banking community in the country to participate in the BPO/IT Conference in Shanghai on Nov. 18-20.

He said the BoI has enticed investment bankers to participate in the Shanghai conference because Chinese banks need to upgrade their systems, procedures and processes.

The Philippines commercial trade offices in China are arranging parallel one-on-one meetings with Philippine commercial banks and Chinese banks.

Chinese banks have been interested to outsource their investment and banking processes as they are upgrading their reach but they don’t have the right skills.

“They are delayed in their banking modernization program and in order to catch up they have to outsource some investment and banking services. We are pretty advanced in the commercial notes and other investment, and financing instruments,” he said.

He said the Philippines is known for its expertise in the commercial and financial services sector that during the 70’s local firms lent their expertise to countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.


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