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Telus International to Expand Operations in the Philippines

Date Posted: Oct 15, 2010

Telus International Philippines, Inc. has announced planning of expansion in the country by adding 800 seat-capacity facility next year.


The business process outsourcing firm is now hunting the perfect location for their new office which will be put up next year.


“We are also in the process of identifying our next facilities in Manila that would be established by 2011. We will soon have some provincial facilities by 2012," says Jeffrey Puritt, president of Telus International.


At present, Telus Philippines has facilities in the cities of Pasig, Taguig, and Quezon, employing almost 9,000 individuals.


Other than employment, Telus also aim to educate more Filipinos, especially the students, and enhance their potential and skills in communication.


Javier Infante, Telus Philippines president and CEO, said the company will soon open opportunities for its workforce toward completing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees via the Telus International University.


The company will offer Commission on Higher Education-recognized degrees in business management, entrepreneurship, and information technology in Quezon City and Taguig.


Infante said some 40 percent Telus Philippines employees were “forced to enter into the workforce" before completing their undergraduate studies because of economic reasons.


“Now, no one will get into the way of our employees’ education because we are going to ensure them preferential access," he pointed out.


This move will improve the employee-retention rate of Telus Philippines.


Telus Philippines is now in talks with at least five Manila-based universities on the education and training of student-employees.


Infante said, “We will ensure that that these professors won’t dilute or lower their standards" once they start teaching for Telus Philippines.


Some 50 students who have proven their “merit and tenure" in the contact center will have the opportunity to take the first shot at the education program.


The firm said it will support interested team members through a subsidized loan program. “We can subsidize close to 50 percent of their education expenses," said Puritt.


Infante said that immediate family members of employees may also take advantage of the education program on “discounted" terms.


Investment into the program may amount to several million pesos annually, Infante added.

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