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DOLE Lists Most In Demand Jobs in the Philippines

Date Posted: Sep 15, 2010

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) recently launched Project JobsFit: The DOLE 2020 Vision where they study the most in-demand jobs and hard-to-fill jobs in the country.


The labor department wants to show that contrary to what most people believe, there are jobs available in the country. Here are the list of jobs (per industry) that are waiting to be filled in:


I. Agribusiness

a. Animal Husbandry

b. Agricultural Economist

c. Aqua-culturist

d. Coconut Farmer

e. Entomologist (Plant)

f. Farmer (Fruit, Vegetable and

Root Crops)

g. Fisherman

h. Horticulturist

i. Plant Mechanic

j. Rice Tresher Operator-Mechanic

k. Veterinarian

l. Pathologist


II. Cyberservices

a. Call Center Agent


III. Health, Wellness and Medical


a. Nurse

b. Herbologist

c. Optician

d. Optometrist


IV. Hotel and Restaurant

a. Front Office Agent/Attendant

b. Baker

c. Food Server and Handler

d. Food and Beverage Service Attendant

e. Waiter

f. Bartender

g. Room Attendant

h. Other Housekeeping Services

i. Reservations Officer and other

Frontline Occupation

j. Tour Guides


V. Mining

a. Mining Engineer

b. Geodetic Engineer

c. Metallurgical Engineer

d. Mining & Metallurgical Technician

VI. Construction

a. Fabricator

b. Pipe Fitter

c. Welder


VII. Banking and Finance

a. Operations Manager

b. Teller


VIII. Manufacturing

a. Electrical Technicians

b. Finance and Accounting Managers

c. Food Technologist

d. Machine Operators

e. Sewer


IX. Ownership Dwellings, Real/ Retirement Estate

a. Building Manager

b. Construction Manager

c. Construction Worker

d. Foreman

e. Mason

f. Welder

g. Real Estate Agents/Brokers

h. Marketer

X. Transport and Logistics

a. Checker

b. Maintenance Mechanics

c. Stewardess


XI. Wholesale and Retail

a. Merchandiser/Buyer

b. Salesman/Saleslady

c. Promodizer


XII. Overseas Employment

a. Domestic Helpers and Related


b. Production and Related Workers

c. Nurses (theatre, anaesthetic, critical care/ICU, pediatric, scrub, and cardiac

d. Caregivers

e. Plumbers, Pipe-fitters, and Related Workers

f. Cooks and Related Workers

g. Wiremen, Electrical, and Related Workers

h. Welders, Flame-Cutters, and Related Workers

i. Laborers, General Workers, and Related Workers

j. Charworkers, Cleaners, and Related Workers


Emerging Industries


I. Creative Industries

a. Broadcast Engineer

b. Video Editor

c. Video Graphic Artist (Animators)

d. Visual Artist Designer

II. Diversified/Strategic Farming and


a. Fisherman

b. Aqua-culturist

c. Horticulturist

d. Farmer (root crops, fruit & vegetable: upland and lowland)


III. Power and Utilities

a. Electrical Control Operator

b. Equipment Operator

c. Electrical Technician

d. Mechanic


IV. Renewable Energy

a. Checker

b. Loader


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