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Process of Application to Get Philippine Postal ID

Date Posted: Jul 24, 2010

Postal ID is an important national ID as it is often asked to present when you want to apply for passport, credit card, and other transactions. Although not all employers ask its employees to get a postal ID, it is still necessary as postal ID indicates that you are a bonafide citizen of the Philippines.

Step by step process:

Step 1: Go to the nearest Philpost office in your city/municipality and ask for a copy of the Postal ID Application Form or the FORM 391. For easier transaction, just download the application form and print.

Step 2: Fill up the upper portion of the form and attach a 2x2 ID picture with white background on your application form.

Step 3: Bring your application form to your Barangay and ask your Barangay Captain to fill up the lower portion of the form.

Note: Instead of a certification from the Barangay Captain, the applicant may submit: a valid NBI clearance; if student, certification from the Principal or School Registrar, together with photocopy of the valid identification card of the Principal or School Registrar; or if employed, certification from the employer with the employer's valid identification card.

Step 4: Get a “cedula” or a Community Tax certificate.

Step 5: After the Barangay captain completed the form, have it notarized at a nearest notary public.

Step 6: Submit your notarized application form together with the following at the post office: NSO certified birth or marriage certificate, 3 2x2 ID picture with white background, P315 postal ID fee (fee varies by location).

Note: For applicants with no birth certificate, he/she may submit a certification of no record from the Local Civil Registrar or a negative certification from NSO plus any of 2 of the following requirements: baptismal certificate, permanent Elementary School Record 137-E, marriage contract of parents issued by LCR (if single) or marriage contract of applicant (if married) or certificate of Live Birth duly signed and properly filled up.

Step 7: You will ask to comeback for a couple of days to claim your ID.



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