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New Nestle Facility Opens in Bulacan

Date Posted: Apr 8, 2010

One of world’s largest food company, Nestle Philippines Inc. has finally opened their new ice cream and chilled dairy factory in Pulilan, Bulacan amounting approximately P700 million.


Nestle Philippines chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) John Miller said that the company’s investments in Pulilan and elsewhere in the country are made with a long-term view.


“As the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, Nestle is committed to continuously innovating and renovating its products, making them affordable and available wherever, whenever and however, and by communicating their nutritional benefits,” Milled said.


“Through all these, we hope to be able to help make a positive difference in the lives of our consumers as we stay true to our mission of nurturing generations of Filipino families. We look forward to a successful partnership with the town of Pulilan as we work together for the realization of this mission,” Miller added.


Moreover, Nestlé Ice Cream Factory head Val Dizon said that the speedy completion of the factory was an organizational feat, considering that while construction was ongoing, production at the old Aurora factory continued, inventories of stocks had to be built up, and 220 personnel were transferred to the new site.


He added that the goal for the new factory is to make it the benchmark facility for delivering world-class performance in the production of ice cream and chilled dairy.


The new Nestle facility in Pulilan is expected to create more jobs among its locals and from the neighboring municipalities and cities in Bulacan.

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