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New Blood Bank Firm Opens in QC

Date Posted: Mar 19, 2010

Asia’s largest cord blood processing and cyropreservation firm opened their first facility and only cord bank firm in the Philippines at the UP Ayaland Techno Hub.

The new facility is certified by both local and international health organizations. It aims to provide quality and satisfying service for the health of every Filipino.

“With this new facility, Filipino parents no longer have to risk sending their baby’s cord blood abroad for long term storage. The new CordLife here is built around world class standards such as American Association of Blood banks and International Organization for Standardization (ISO),” said CordLife chief executive officer Steven Fang.

Fang added that CordLife investments to align with these standards are necessary to support stem cell therapies ethically and responsibly.

Cryopreservation includes cord blood collection, procedural fee, cord blood processing, viability test, infectious disease tests and ground transportation of cord blood unit within Metro Manila.

Cordlife Medical Philippines, Inc. has now formally started operating 365 days a year and has the capacity to store more than 20,000 cord blood stem cell units.

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