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AFP: Recruitment for RP Soldiers Now On Going

Date Posted: Mar 5, 2010

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is again recruiting another batch of Filipino soldiers who are willing to defend and serve the country at any costs. And to make recruitment easier, the AFP has lowered its height requirements as the military organization needs “small but terrible new soldiers”.


Brig. General Francisco Cruz, chief of the AFP Civil Relations Services (AFP-CRS) said they have lowere the height requirements to 5’ from 5’4” males and 5’2” females to “increase the level of quality of new batches of soldiers.”


“The lowering of the height requirement for both genders does not mean that the AFP is also lowering its standards in general by opening opportunity to those who are not gifted with height but are equally skilled and competent, we will be increasing the pool of candidates available," Cruz added.


“Height is no longer a strategic requirement for the military as there could be many ‘shorter’ Filipinos with the same amount of commitment and patriotism," he said.


The AFP general also said that aside from they want to have wider choices of new recruits, the AFP would also want to hire more “brain force” aside from their usual recruits of “muscle force”.


Cruz then added that AFP’s decision to recruit ‘short’ soldiers is part of the military force’s to focus not only on battle and “brute force” but also on the government’s peace and development programs.


However, Cruz clarified that short trainees will still undergo the same trainings and fundamental military rules given to taller recruits.


AFP recruits about 6,000 new soldiers per year, 5-6 percent of it is for officials and 94-95 percent is for enlisted personnel.




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