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Delta Airlines to Open Local Office in Manila

Date Posted: Jan 28, 2010

World’s largest airline company, Delta Airlines is set to re-establish a local office in Makati City this year. Delta Airlines has acquired Northwest Airlines Corporation in a $3 billion dollar deal two years ago which results to the merger of the two giant airline firm.


All Northwest brands will then be phased out and will be replaced by delta’s name. According to Delta’s official website, the company is set to complete the integration process by mid-2010.


The Delta Airlines will take place the Northwest’s office located in the Philamlife Tower in Makati City.


The Securities and Exchange Commission has already approved the re-creation of Delta’s office which will have an authorized capital stock of $200 million or P9.47 billion.


“The purpose of the said corporation which it intends to pursue in the transaction of its business in the Philippines is international air transportation services,” the airline said in its application to the SEC.


Delta became the largest airlines in the world after it merged with northwest last October 29, 2008.

Delta offers flights to over 350 destinations in 64 countries in six continents and servicing over 170 million passengers each year.


All in all, the airline company has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and operates more than 800 aircrafts.


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